What is it ?

Android based mobile App that allows your in-field staff to scan / photo any original paperwork (PODs) and have it delivered to the office immediately.

Why do I need it ?

Because it will allow you to invoice your customers immediately once the job has been carried out and paperwork has been signed & completed.

Plus, no more lost POD's and disagreements regarding proof of delivery on unpaid invoices.

How it will save my time & money ?

It will remove the time needed for the office staff to process PODs.

It will speed up your invoicing and improve your business cash flow.

It will ensure that the correct paperwork showing an electronic proof of delivery is always kept on file.

How much does it cost ?

£5 per user per month + Hardware (Scanner £200 or Photostand £30)

£30 per user per month (includes Scanner) on a 24-month financed contract

What do I need to get started ?

Internet enabled device with an up to date browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari)

Take advantage of our Free Trial offer (1 user free for 2 months) use you own hardware - Only available for businesses based in Northern Ireland.

Sign up today we are based in Belfast - Contact us


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